Welcome to Starmount

We are Christ's people who live out of a single truth: God loves you—no matter who you are. We invite you to visit Starmount to experience God’s love and see the true meaning of friendship and support. As Christ’s people we believe that faith is a verb and faithfulness is an action. We welcome all visitors and look forward to meeting you.

Start your week off right!
Join us on Sunday morning for praise and worship.

Upcoming Events

Sundays, Tuesdays & Fridays
Yoga Classes
Sundays at 5:18-7 p.m.
SPY Youth Meetings
Saturdays at 9am
Community Garden Workday
March 29 & April 5 at 5:45pm
Wonderful Wednesdays
April 5, 8:00-10:00pm
Guinness & the Good News
April 13, Noon-1:30pm
Maundy Thursday Service & Lunch
April 14, 7:00-8:00pm
Good Friday Service of Music
April 16, 8:45-11:00am
Easter Breakfast & Service
April 23, 4:00-7:00pm
Grasshoppers Game
April 24, 10:30am-Noon
Knit One, Pray Too

Spring Festival

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Members of all ages grow
in faith at Starmount.

First Visit?

Starmount is a warm community of Christ-followers who welcomes all who visit.

Worship Time

Join us every Sunday morning at 8:45 for education hour (classes for all ages) and at 10:00 for worship.


Our calendar is filled with opportunities for fellowship, learning, service, and worship.

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Called To Worship, Empowered To Serve.