Our Leadership

The Presbyterian Church is led by its people. Elders are nominated by members to make up Starmount’s Session, which governs the church and votes on all important decisions. Elders also chair church committees. Committees manage programs, events and missions of the church. All members are encouraged to join a committee.

The Session and all committees meet once a month to keep church missions, programming and facilities moving smoothly toward common goals of Starmount Presbyterian Church.


Current Session Members

Class of 2020:
Jack Barry
Martha Bursey
Cathy Ingram
Cuyler McKnight
Ginger Walton

Class of 2021:
Donna Bailey
Joy Kronenfeld
Slade Lewis
Kevin Shoffner
May Williams
Justine Koutou (Youth Elder)

Class of 2022:
Jinny Buchanan
Stephanie Dorner
Mary Palmieri
Kyle Webb
Vicki Winters

Latest Session Minutes:
Minutes December 2019 Session Mtg. pdf



Administrative: Mary Palmieri
Minutes – Admin Committee -January 2020

Building & Grounds: Drake Dowler
BG Minutes January 2020

Caring Ministries: May Williams
Caring Committee Minutes 12-10-19
No Jan. 2020 Meeting

Congregational Nom: Joy Kronenfeld

Endowment: Kathie Tiedeman

Evangel & Mbership: Kevin Shoffner
E M minutes – January 2020

Faith Formation: Ginger Walton

Fellowship: Richard Porter &
Karen Smith
Fellowship Minutes 1-7-20

Finance: Jack Barry
Finance Committee Minutes 01-13-2020

Mission: Cathy Ingram
Mission Committee minutes 01-12-2020 

Personnel: Slade Lewis

Preschool: Susan Preston
Preschool Minutes 1-9-2020

Stewardship: Cuyler McKnight

Worship & Music: Parks Williams
Worship & Music Minutes Jan 2020

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