9-6-18: Kick-off Sunday

The kick-off – it is the play that begins every football game. The kicking team spreads their players out, lining them up across the field. Their muscles are tight, poised and ready, like a spring that is compressed to its limit. Their eyes are locked on the oblong leather ball that is balanced precariously on a bright orange plastic tee. They are waiting for the swift foot of the kicker to launch that ball into the air. Once it moves, so can they, careening down the field with laser-like focus ready to fulfill their blocking or tackling assignments.
On the other side of the field, the receiving team also stands and waits. However, instead of gathering in one unified line, they are spread out across the field. Some take their station towards the front, ready and waiting to receive the onslaught of hits that will come from the opposing team. Others are further back so that they can read the situation and adjust their blocking schemes to create space for their teammates to run.  Finally, there are one or two players who take their position deep in the field of play. These individuals also have their eyes locked upon the football as it tumbles through the air. They stand ready to catch that ball and then do their best to return it as far up the field as they possibly can.
The kick-off is an exciting play in the game of football. This Sunday will be an exciting day in the life of our church as we will celebrate “Kick-off Sunday.” Just as in the game of football, our kick-off signals a new beginning. We will be celebrating the beginning of a program year filled with opportunities for you and your family.
Beginning at 9:00am, there will be a program in the Fellowship Hall in which our Faith Formation committee will give an overview of the Christian Education opportunities available to you this fall, while the children disperse to their respective Sunday School classes. In worship, we will have a special time in which we will commission our teachers and the teachers who serve in our Preschool. Following worship, our Preschool will have an open house and would welcome all of you downstairs to see their wonderful classrooms. Finally, we will gather for lunch in the fellowship hall to enjoy a meal together.
I hope you will join us on Sunday, but more than that, I hope you will join us this year in the many missions and ministries of this church.
In Christ,
Charlie Lee

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