Building Excitement for Upcoming Events

At our weekly staff meeting this week, I asked the staff to use the large whiteboard in the conference room to begin to make a list of important dates and events that are planned for this fall.  As you might expect, in no time at all the whiteboard was filled with dry erase marker, detailing all the wonderful and exciting things that are happening at Starmount. 

On Sunday, Aug. 25th we will enjoy some bluegrass music in our service, followed by a mini-concert from a wonderful bluegrass band.  We will also hold our annual “Blessing of the Backpacks” during the Children’s Conversation that same Sunday.

Our Kick-off Sunday will be Sept. 8th which will be followed by a church-wide lunch in the fellowship hall.  On that particular Sunday, we will kick off not only our education hour, but also a sermon series we are calling “Under Construction.”  This series will focus on the concept of how we build our faith through discipleship and service.

I am also excited to share the news that we will also have some actual construction occurring on the church grounds this fall.  Starmount has agreed to sponsor a “Tiny House” build that will happen on our church grounds this fall.  We are partnering with Tiny Houses of Greensboro to build a home here at Starmount that will then be relocated to a local community, and used to provide shelter for an individual or small family that has previously been experiencing homelessness.  Be on the lookout for a tiny house model that will arrive at the church later this month, to let the community know what we are doing. Also, know that the sign-up’s for this exciting project will be coming later this month or in early September, and we anticipate the actual construction will take place in late September.

As I consider all the wonderful things God is doing in and through this congregation, I must confess that this is an exciting time to be a part of the Starmount community!

In Christ,
Charlie Lee 

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