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In this week’s post, I wanted to share with you some exciting discussions regarding future mission trips. I am a firm believer that short-term mission trips have the power to transform both our outlook on the world around us as well as our outlook upon our own faith. I have witnessed spiritual awakenings and the renewal of faith occur on many mission trips I have attended in the past.  Some of these have been in far off places like Mexico, Haiti, or China. Some of them have been in locations much closer to home, like Tennessee or Charlotte. However, no matter the location, these mission trips offer the same opportunity. They allow us to engage with others who we might not encounter in our daily lives. We are able to partner with them in service, learning from their unique experiences and perspectives on the world. They also allow us to put into practice our calling to serve as disciples.

To kick things off, we are planning a day of caring within our community sometime in the spring. We will assist those who need support cleaning up their homes, yards or other household activities. Let us know if you need assistance. 

Later in the year, the Mission Committee plans to offer a variety of mission trips:

1. Youth Mission Trip – April 5-10

This annual youth mission trip is a long-time tradition here at Starmount. This year the youth will be heading to Atlanta in order to participate in a wonderful urban immersion program run by a Presbyterian organization called the DOOR Network. Their website states, “DOOR is an opportunity to encounter the city through the eyes, ears, and heart of God.” Youth will have the opportunity to serve in and around Atlanta in various community service agencies.

2. International Mission Trip – Mexico Trip, July 11-19; Puerto Rico: TBA

Starmount is interested in offering an international mission trip this year for adults. The Salem Presbytery trip to Mexico is one option for those who are interested. We are also attempting to learn more about a trip to Puerto Rico, which is run through the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance organization.

3. Family/Intergenerational Trip: TBA

We also hope to offer a trip that would appeal to families who would like to include their younger children in a mission experience. This trip would most likely be close by, or within a day’s drive. It would be shorter in duration, perhaps 2 or 3 nights over a long weekend and would include service opportunities for all ages.

If you are interested in receiving additional information regarding any or all of these mission trips, please contact Neil Huffman at , or simply call the church office.

In Christ,
Charlie Lee

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