Congressional Nominating Committee & Hurricane Relief

Dear Starmount Friends,
Last Sunday we held a congregational meeting that elected five new elders to serve as the class of 2021. These new elders are May Williams, Kevin Shoffner, Joy Kronenfeld, Slade Lewis, and Donna Bailey. Now that these new elders have been elected, they will spend the next five weeks in new officer training classes. In our first class I had the privilege of hearing their individual stories of faith. They shared those people and events in their lives that have been pivotal in their journey as a Christian. It is always an honor to hear these stories.
The Congregational Nominating Committee is done with the task of presenting a slate of new officers for this year, but they still have important work to do. They will now turn their attention to the work of forming the Congregational Nominating Committee for next year. They need your help in order to complete this important task. Please prayerfully consider individuals who could serve on this committee, and send those nominations into the church office, or email them to
Finally, I would like to thank this congregation for the wonderful response to our relief supply drive to benefit those affected by Hurricane Florence. The donations are beginning to pile up, and so we will be keeping them in the narthex. There is one last Sunday’s to donate, so please keep them coming. You can find updated needs lists at Here are a few of the new items needed:
Allergy and Headache Medications
Bug spray
Canned fruit
Canned pasta
Canned protein
Canned sauce
Mosquito dunks
Storage boxes-plastic
Shockwave Cleaning product
In Christ,
Charlie Lee

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