Consecration Sunday

Dear Starmount Friends,
This week in worship we will celebrate “Consecration Sunday.”  On this day we will join together in the spiritual act of giving.  “Consecrate” means to declare or dedicate something for a sacred purpose.  Therefore, on Consecration Sunday we invite everyone to bring forward their “pledge cards” or “estimate of giving cards” so that we might dedicate these financial gifts to the glory of God.
You should have received your 2019 estimate of giving card in the mail a few weeks ago.  We will also have plenty available at church, just in case.  As you fill it out, remember to circle one of the three choices out to the right of your gift total.  This helps in the task of financial planning, as the church can anticipate how gifts may be coming in throughout the year.  There is a box below that you may check if you would like the church to purchase offering envelopes for you.  Finally, it is vital that we have up to date contact information on all of our members.  Therefore, if something has changed for you this year, like a cell phone number or email address, please utilize this space to let us know.
On Sunday, at the appropriate time in worship, you will be invited to come forward and place both your regular offering and your estimate of giving card in the offering plates and baskets.  If you don’t have your offering or card ready to turn in, we will still invite everyone to come forward as a symbolic act of worship.
As we approach the season of Thanksgiving, I invite each of us to view our gifts to the church as expressions of thanksgiving and gratitude for the grace and love we have received from God.
In Christ,
Charlie Lee

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