Discerning Our Mission from God

This summer in worship, we have been going through a sermon series called, “On A Mission From God.”  In this series, we have explored several Old Testament prophets to see how they understood their God-given mission and also how they acted boldly to accomplish that mission.

While the stories of these prophets can surely be inspiring, they can also be intimidating and difficult to relate to. Many of these prophets are calling out kings for their cruel deeds or having mystical experiences on mountain tops.  It can sometimes be difficult to learn from their courageous actions and find ways to apply them in our everyday lives.

In order to help us bridge the gap between the mission of Old Testament prophets and how we understand our mission as followers of Christ today, we will have a special event in worship on Sunday, July 28th. We will be joined by Don and Kristy Milholin, who are the co-founders of the Out of the Garden Project.

If you are unfamiliar with the Out of the Garden Project, I encourage you to go to their website and learn more about them.   https://outofthegardenproject.org/
If you visit this site, you will read about the good work they do there and also about the organizations humble beginnings.

On Sunday, July 28th, during the sermon, I will sit down for a conversation with the Milholin’s to talk with them about how they heard the calling of God on their lives to set out on a mission to address the issue of hunger in our community.  I am confident that there is much we can learn from their story regarding how each of us can faithfully carry out whatever mission God may be calling us to.

I hope you will join us for this special Sunday!

In Christ,
Charlie Lee 

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