Fellowship Hall Renovation

Dear Starmount Friends,
I would like to share with you some exciting news about an upcoming project that came out of our June Session meeting. First, here’s some background information. In 2017 a Lillian Steele Ministry Grant was approved by Session to update the “entryway” or “lobby” between the chapel and the fellowship hall. The purpose of the project, as written in the proposal, is to:
“provide a greater first impression for outside groups utilizing the space, a better reception space for memorial services, an improved space for the Alliance Church, and an overall enhanced functionality and appearance.”
The proposal makes a key point that for many guests and visitors who may be attending events, either in addition to or apart from our Sunday worship services, this entryway is the area that gives them their first impression of our church. Therefore, it is important that this space be updated so that we can “put our best foot forward”, and welcome individuals to Starmount.
The original scope of this renovation project was determined by two committees, Evangelism & Membership and Fellowship. It was then given to Building & Grounds for execution. This committee discovered additional items that needed to be added to the project in order to achieve maximum impact on the space.
The Session heard a complete report on the scope of the renovation project at the May meeting. If you are interested, you can find the details of the project in the minutes of that meeting, but essentially the project includes updates to most surfaces in that space, from ceiling and floors to walls and windows.
At the June meeting, Session approved the funding for the expanded portion of this project, which will now be added to the original funding from the Lillian Steele grant. We anticipate that the project will begin in mid to late August and will last for several weeks. Leaders from Buildings & Grounds are in close contact with ministry and program leaders, as well as representatives of the Alliance Church who utilize our chapel, so we can minimize the effects of the renovation on church activities.
One of the goals of caring for our church building is to better enable or enhance the ministry of the congregation. I believe this project will do just that and I look forward to its completion.
In Christ,
Charlie Lee

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