God is with us.

This Sunday in worship we will be reading Matthew 1:18-25.  This scripture gives a brief description of the circumstances leading up to the birth of Jesus.  In these verses, we hear the story from Joseph’s perspective.  Joseph finds himself in a scandalous situation. His bride-to-be is with child. However, an angel visits him in order to let him know that this child will be a savior; in the words of Isaiah, this child will be “Emmanuel.”  The Gospel author even defines that word for us, saying that Emmanuel means “God is with us.”

As we approach the last few days in the sometimes hectic countdown to Christmas, I believe this scripture reminds us why it is that we celebrate this day.  It reminds us of the reasons that we cling to love, joy, peace, and hope during this season.  It reminds us that no matter our situation or condition we are not alone.  On Christmas we celebrate that indeed, God is with us.

I invite you to join us for all of the worship opportunities that will take place over the next several days, so that together we can welcome the Christ child and give thanks that God is with us.

In Christ,
Charlie Lee

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