Help Us Invest in the Future of Starmount Presbyterian Church

In my newsletter article this month, I reference a story found in Matthew 25 that is called the parable of the talents.  In this story, Jesus tells of a land owner who entrusts his servants with significant resources while he is away.  Two of those servants make use of those resources, so that when the master returns their investments have paid dividends.  The third servant buried his “talent” in the ground while the master was away and squandered the opportunity given to him. 

Just like the servants in the parable, we have been entrusted with many blessings in our lives and in this congregation.  The question that faces us each day is “what do we feel God is calling us to do with them?”  We could choose to follow the lead of the last servant, who chose to hide and hold on to what he was given, or we can choose to invest what God has given us so that it can pay dividends in the future.

We have several exciting opportunities to invest in the future of Starmount Presbyterian Church in the coming weeks.

  1. Discovery Meeting –  Sunday, Oct. 6th from 11:15-12:30 This meeting is step one in a two-step discernment process in which we are seeking to learn more about God’s calling on this congregation as we look towards the future.  We encourage everyone to attend.  If you are unable to attend on Oct. 6th, there will be a small make-up session held on Sunday, Oct. 13th at 9:00am.  In preparation for the “Discovery Meeting,” it would be helpful if you can take 20 minutes and click here to watch a short video. This video will provide some background on the concept we are following and the language we will be using throughout our discussion.
  2. Charitable Giving SeminarWednesday, 10/2 at 7:00 – This seminar will be led by representatives from Fidelity Investments who can help guide us on ways to maximize our charitable giving.  Individuals of all ages and stages of life are encouraged to attend.

In Christ,
Charlie Lee

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