Jazz Worship This Sunday

We are blessed at Starmount Presbyterian each and every Sunday with wonderful music.  The piano and organ call us to worship and enliven our hymn singing.  The choir leads us in responses and offers beautiful anthems.  The entire congregation stands and sings verses of songs that have informed our faith for generations.  Music is an integral part of our worship, because it touches our hearts in ways that mere words could never do, and it allows us to respond to God’s Word, as we offer up our voices in thanksgiving.

This Sunday, music will play an even more central role than usual.  We are holding our first ever Jazz Worship Service.  While we may be used to hearing cantatas at Christmas or requiems during Lent, this Jazz service will be a little different.  Jazz music will be spread throughout the service.  Some of the elements of our liturgy that are normally spoken, will instead be replaced with music.  The sermon itself will consist not of spoken word, but of a series of readings from the book of Psalms along with corresponding pieces of jazz music. Our hope is that the congregation will not only enjoy listening to the jazz music that is played, but that it will allow space for the Holy Spirit to speak to your heart in ways that words never could.

We hope you all will join us this Sunday for this special Jazz Worship Service featuring musicians Wally West (saxophone), Matt Reid (piano), Will Ledbetter (bass), and Wiley Sykes (drums).  This would be a fantastic opportunity to invite a friend as well!  We hope to see you all this weekend for worship and “all that jazz.”

In Christ,
Charlie Lee

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