Just Say "Yes"

Dear Starmount Friends,
This Sunday in worship we will be reading a scripture from Luke 5:1-11.  It is a familiar story of when Jesus calls his first disciples.  One thing that is unique about Luke’s version of this story is that he includes a dramatic scene in which he asks Simon Peter to go out into the deep water and cast his nets for one final time.
Simon Peter has had a long and unsuccessful day on the water, but he listens to Jesus and does what he says.  The result is that his nets become so filled with fish that they begin to break.  He has to call over another boat to help him pull in this large haul, and even then the catch is so large that it almost sinks both ships.
This story is a reminder to us of the abundant blessings that are in store for us if we say “Yes” when God calls us.  Just this past week I had the honor of spending some time with a large group of our Starmount members who have said “Yes” to serving God through a ministry called Meals on Wheels (previously Mobile Meals).
I learned a few things this week about this wonderful program.  It takes about 60 volunteers each day to deliver over 400 meals all over Guilford County.  Starmount members take on this task the first Tuesday of every month.  Last year, this program delivered almost 107,000 meals to 645 seniors in the community.  33% of those who receive these meals report that the volunteer who delivers them is the only personal interaction they have all day.
As I made the delivery rounds this week with another one of our faithful volunteers, I saw first hand how a warm smile, a hand shake, and genuine interest in another’s well being made an impact in the lives of these seniors.  It was a reminder to me of how even simple actions can bring an abundance of blessings, both for the one serving and for the one who is being served.
If you are interested in seeing the impact of this ministry for yourself, mark your calendars for the first Tuesday of next month from approximately 9:30-11:00, and plan on attending.  Contact Ray Shelton or Stan Dixon for more information or to sign up.
In Christ,
Charlie Lee

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