Many Reasons for Gratitude

Dear Starmount Friends,
The calendar of Starmount Presbyterian Church was filled last week, however the events that took place here filled not only our schedules, but also filled our hearts with gratitude.
On Thursday, we celebrated the life of a beloved member of our congregation, Don Spencer.  During his service, our sanctuary was filled with numerous individuals for whom Don had an impact on their lives.  Each of us were filled with gratitude for the gift that Don was in our lives and in this church.  I know that the family was also grateful for the support and work of so many in this congregation who made that day special for them.
On Saturday, our Elders gathered out at River Landing for their Annual Session Retreat.  It was a wonderful day, filled with important work and fantastic fellowship.  The purpose of the retreat was twofold.  First, it was to allow the current Session, which each year changes membership by ⅓, to bond together, get to know each other, and form a common vision for the work that is ahead of them this year.  Second, it was to spend some time focusing on the “why” behind all the work we do here at Starmount.  This deep work of discovering or rediscovering the purpose of what we do here is very important.  I know that I was filled with gratitude at what a wonderful job the elders did at this retreat and at the overall positive experience of the day.
On Sunday, our Elders gathered once again for our first official Session meeting of the year.  Among other things that occurred at this meeting, the Session approved the 2019 budget.  You will hear more about this budget at our Annual Congregational Meeting on Feb. 3rd following our worship service.  Each year when we pass a budget, I am reminded that there are so many things for which we are all grateful.  We are grateful for all those who give of their financial resources to support the ministries of this church.  We are grateful for all those who share their gifts of wisdom and expertise by leading the stewardship and financial efforts in our congregation.  Most of all, I know we are all grateful to be given the chance to participate in and support this congregation we love so dearly.
We are indeed filled with gratitude for the many blessings we enjoy here at Starmount.  I hope you will join us this Sunday so that we may join in worship together, expressing our gratitude to God!
In Christ,
Charlie Lee

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