Dear Starmount Friends,
It was exciting to see so many of you in worship last Sunday.  The sanctuary was filled and it was a wonderful way to begin a new year together at Starmount!  As we do begin a new year together, the focus of our lectionary scriptures will be on early events from Jesus’ ministry.  If you remember, last week we celebrated Epiphany.  This is a day that we give thanks for God’s self-revelation to us in the person of Jesus.  In the coming weeks our scriptures will continue to follow this theme of revelation.  Each week we will study together a scripture that “reveals” to us something of the nature of Christ’s identity and ministry.
This week we will look at Luke’s account of Jesus’ baptism in which we hear God speak these words, “You are my Son, the Beloved, with you I am well pleased.”  The following week we will hear the story of Jesus’ first miracle from the Gospel of John, in which he came to the rescue for a wedding party, turning water into wine.  We will then hear Jesus proclaim in his own words at the temple that he has indeed come to fulfill the prophecy recorded by Isaiah.
Each of these stories reveals to us a different aspect of Jesus.  My hope is that the more we understand and experience who Jesus is, then perhaps we might be able to better shape our lives to live as his faithful disciples.
I hope you will continue to join us for worship and for all the wonderful activities and ministries offered here at Starmount.  With a new year comes new possibilities.  I believe this is true in our own lives as well as in our community of faith.  May we continue to join together in worship and ministry so that Christ may continue to be “revealed” in our midst each week.
In Christ,
Charlie Lee

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