There are always opportunities to serve the church, community and beyond by offering your time, talents or resources. Even with worship services suspended, we are continuing missions of the church. Don’t forget to “pass the plate” virtually by giving online. Continue to participate in committee meetings to continue the work of the church. And look out for drive-thru donation drives and other hands-on ways you can serve by participating in projects that our Missions Committee organizes. 

Here are some current ways you can volunteer your time or resources:

Out of the Garden Mobile Market

Starmount has always worked to support Out of the Garden's efforts to provide healthy food for local school children and their families. Thier mobile markets bring food deliveries to families who live in food deserts, areas where access to healthy food is difficult. Every 4th Tuesday of the month, Out of the Garden's mobile market at Falkener Elementary will be sponsored by Starmount Presbyterian Church. Click the graphic to sign up to volunteer to help distribute food boxes to eligible families who drive thru the mobile market!

April Collection: Baby Supplies

This mission committee's April collection is baby supplies. Please drop diapers, wipes, infant formula, or gently used Pack-n-Plays into the bin outside of the church office. These donations will support YWCA's Family Shelter. They could also use paper products like paper towels, toilet paper and paper plates, so these donations are also welcome.

YWCA Shelter dinners

On the second Monday of each month, Starmount organizes a dinner for YWCA Family Shelter. If you'd like to help by providing a main course, side or drinks for this monthly dinner, please email ciliesutton@gmail.com.

Starmount Tutoring Program

Years ago, Starmount established a tutoring program to specifically help our refugee families. School children meet on Wednesday afternoons for help with their school work and to enjoy a meal together provided by church members. If you'd like to help by providing food, transportation or serving as a tutor, please email Margaret Huffmann at mnhuff@earthlink.net. Click the graphic for more information about our tutoring program.