Signs of Life

May is a busy time of the year.  I know that many of you will agree with that statement because you are feeling the squeeze that this time of year places on your schedules.  On the one hand, we sometimes lament the busyness that this month brings to us, however on the other hand it can make us grateful.  Grateful that we have things to do, places to go, or that our children are celebrating milestones in their lives as they move from one stage or grade to the next.
Here at Starmount, it is also a busy time in the life of the church.  While there are times when it is easy to get overwhelmed that all that is going on, I often try to stop in the midst of the madness and offer a word of thanks.  I am thankful, because one interpretation of the flurry of activity and the buzz that surrounds Starmount during these eventful few weeks and months is that they are all signs of life that remind us that God is at work in this place doing some amazing things.
This Sunday is a wonderful example.  We will begin the morning by meeting with some new members who have decided to officially join our community of faith.  In worship we will focus on a scripture in the book of Acts (9:36-43) in which a faithful disciple receives new life and is able to continue with their impactful ministry to the community around them.  We will accept our Pennies for Hunger offering, so that we too can help make an impact in our communities among those that struggle with issues of hunger.  Following our worship, we will elect this year’s Nominating Committee that will immediately begin their work to discover who God might be calling to serve as the next leaders of our congregation.
The season of Easter is a time that we give thanks for the new life we have received through the risen Christ.  Indeed, if we stop to look around during this busy season of the year, we will see signs of life all around us, both here at Starmount and in our lives.  I hope to see you this Sunday!
In Christ,
Charlie Lee

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