Trinity Sunday

Fresh off of our celebration of Pentecost last Sunday, this coming Sunday also has a special designation in the church calendar.   We call it Trinity Sunday. Trinity Sunday is unique.  Most of the Sundays in our church calendar that have a special designation are centered around events.
Trinity Sunday, on the other hand, is a day that is centered on a doctrine or belief of the church.  This doctrine of the Trinity has come to pass through the years as the church struggled to understand or describe the mystery of God.  In the early church of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd centuries there were differing ideas of who God was and how that God was to be understood as active or present in the world.
As theologians mounted an attempt to give voice to our understanding of God, they began using the language of Trinity to convey the idea that there was indeed only one God, but in three persons.  3 in 1.  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  The word “trinity” is actually not found in scripture at all, however it began to work its way into the confessions and creeds of the church, and eventually became a widely accepted doctrine.
Ultimately, the doctrine of the Trinity and the very nature of God is a mystery that our mortal minds simply cannot comprehend, however what we will discuss this Sunday is that, try as we may to understand the nature of God, one thing we can certainly understand is relationship.  The Trinity is relational in its very nature, and indeed the Triune God invites us to be a part of this divine relationship as well.
I hope you will join us this Sunday as we explore the mystery of the Trinity.  I will be away next week attending the Montreat Worship and Music Conference.  This is the first time I have attended this conference and I am excited about learning new ideas from colleagues and bringing the best of those back with me to Starmount.
In Christ,
Charlie Lee

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