Under Construction

When you come into the sanctuary this Sunday, you may see some items that are not usually present during our normal worship services.  There may be orange cones, yellow warning signs, lumber, hardware, and even a sawhorse or two.  When you see these things, do not be alarmed. The sanctuary is not undergoing repairs.  There will however, be some construction going on in that space.  Not the physical kind of construction we think of when we see these items, but construction that is spiritual in nature.      

Join us this Sunday, for a new sermon series called “Under Construction.” As we begin a new program year here at the church, we have a wonderful opportunity to build up our faith.  Over the next few weeks in worship, we will explore scriptures that can help us do just that.  We will spend most of our time in the Gospel of Luke, listening for what Jesus can teach us about important topics such as discipleship, faithfulness, empathy, love, and community.  Each of these topics will provide the raw materials that can enable us to build a strong and robust faith in Christ.

The idea behind this series began earlier this year when our Missions Committee began searching for an “Impact Project” for 2019.  The members of that committee wanted to make use of the endowment funds available to them by finding a project that would make a significant impact in the community.  Through their research, they discovered an organization called “Tiny House Community Development.” This organization is creating sustainable housing solutions for those experiencing homelessness by building communities of “tiny homes” in and around Greensboro.  Starmount will have the opportunity to participate in this ministry and actually build a tiny home for someone in need.  You will hear many more details in the coming weeks regarding this exciting project.

I hope to see you this Sunday and in the weeks to come so that we can get to work, constructing and strengthening our faith together.

In Christ,
Charlie Lee

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